WinTouch is a new business, which takes action on the field of retail and wholescale trade of mobile phone devices and phone accessories as well as their repair. The beginning of this attempt begins somewhere in the early 2012 with imports and exports from Germany of electronic devices multimedia and many more.

Over the years, this attempt evolved to a very much successful project. The result of this progress according to the sales data (eBay & Amazon) obliged many big names in this Industry to suggest us a collaboration.

The company takes action in the below sectors:

Sales of retail and wholescale mobile devices with the best prices of the market.

Purchase and sale of mobile and wireless phones.

Sale of mobile phone accessories and gadgets.

Sale not only of mobiles but also of laptops, desktops, TVs, ipad etc.

Sale of batteries of all kinds in retail and in wholescale.

Soon is expected the creation of new stores in Greece with the ultimate aim being the the establishment of the company in the mind of the consumer and the further decrease of the prices.

The main focus of our interest is the customer. That’s why with our new website we wish to cover the customers’ needs, providing expertise, specialization, full development and immediate customer care.


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