The Pagkosmios Astir company was founded  in 1961. Since our establishment untill today, we provide personal investigations services, which are distinguished from a high level of professionalism and are based on strict criteria which constitute a principle of our work.
We face our customers with complete discretion, responsibility and sensibility on their affairs! All of our customers deserve the same attention! We are specialised in collection, detailed examination and validation of information with celerity, precision and always with full discretion. The keyword trust could not be respected more. Our customers’ benefit is always our paramount concern. This, we never forget!
The singularity of ours in the Balkans, we maintain sophisticated installations as good as those of secret services’ with limitless possibilities. Because of the maximum experience we have acquired all these years in Greece and abroad, we complete very kind of affair successfully, from the simplest to the most complicated one, even those which others aren’t capable of finishing.
 Meet us and ascertain in close the discretion and the complete compassion we offer you, with reasonable prices. We are always paid upon results.(Gentleman’s agreement)


Personal Investigations Offices

Pagkosmios Astir


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